Academic transcription service

In most cases, a student can benefit from an academic transcription service throughout their entire education process.

Why students should use an academic transcription service

Student life is hard.

It is filled with near-constant lectures, lessons, group meetings, study sessions, homework, projects, extracurriculars, and the list goes on.

Many students find that balancing their workload is a constant stress factor in their lives.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Modern technology makes handling and balancing schoolwork and school projects a whole lot easier, namely through transcription services.

Over the course of the past decade, technology has slowly become a permanent part of the classroom environment.

From laptops and tablets to Zoom meetings and conference calls, the way that we educate ourselves has never been more advanced – by definition.

Academic transcription services are exactly ones of such new technologies that can seamlessly slide into the classroom and immediately make a difference.


Improve focus during lectures

Taking notes is one of the most important aspects of learning.

It is something taught to us and ingrained in our minds from the earliest days of school.

We are told to write down what we learned, so we can study it later.

However, this isn’t a perfect system.

Many individuals struggle with comprehension when their attention is divided between the teacher speaking and their scramble to take notes.

With a transcription services for students, you can simply record the lecture or lesson, and have it transcribed afterwards.


Keep track of group sessions

When planning a group project, it can be a nightmare to remember who said what and who came up with specific ideas.

A lecture transcription service can not only record your group meetings, but it can also discern between multiple voices and speakers and provide your group with formatted and readable transcriptions that you can share between yourselves.

This can ensure that each and every team member stays fully in-the-loop about the project, even if they weren’t there for the meeting.


Makes homework easier 

It can often be difficult to remember and comprehend the exact points of reference or study that you were supposed to cover when you are taking care of your homework.

Between all the class assignments you have, things can get lost in the shuffle.

Transcription services for students allow you to dictate your homework thoughts to your mobile device and have them transcribed for you.

They can then be categorized and logged for fast reference and timestamped to keep things easy to follow.

Homework can get significantly less stressful with dictated notes.

How it works



Start by uploading your audio recording via our backend.

In a matter of minutes the recording will be transcribed into text via our automated voice recognition service.



Edit and adjust the transcription the way you want to, using our simple and friendly text editor.



Export your transcriptions in an easy way into whatever format you would like (Text, SRT, VTT and many more.)


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