Boosting SEO With Podcast Transcriptions

Your podcast is your voice on the internet.

It’s a great way for you to connect yourself to a wider audience of like-minded individuals.

However, if those like-minded individuals can’t even find your podcast, then your efforts can feel useless.

That’s where the importance of SEO comes into play.

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’.

It’s how Google weighs which links to display when you search for… Well… Anything!

Google uses a complex set of algorithms that weigh content and determine if it is authoritative enough to display on the front page of search.

If your podcast isn’t well optimized through careful SEO, you could be losing thousands of potential listeners.

How Transcription Boosts Podcast SEO

One of the defining factors of SEO is written text on a webpage. SEO ranks keywords, as well as hyperlinks/backlinks directed to the page to determine site authority.

In this regard, having a written text of your podcast itself can do two things at once:

  • Provide a written platform for Google to index and use for keyword extraction.
  • Have written text for authoritative websites in your niche to backlink to from their own blogs or websites.

Both of these things can drive your SEO through the roof.

When authoritative websites backlink to yours, it provides a ton of SEO ‘juice’ to your webpage.

This in turn helps to promote your podcast.

Other Reasons to Transcribe Your Podcast

Aside from helping to boost your SEO purely, transcribing your podcast can be a good idea for a host of other reasons.

Such as:

  • Making your podcast more accessible to hearing impaired individuals.
  • Providing you with easily indexable and searchable text for when you need to quickly reference previous podcasts for information.
  • Providing accurate subtitles for your podcast if you operate a video podcast hosted on platforms such as YouTube.

All-in-all it’s simply a good idea to have a transcription of your podcast.

It can help to rocket your podcast to the front page of Google, while also making your podcast a lot more accessible to you and your listeners.

Transcribing Your Podcast

At Focus on Listening we provide quick and accurate transcriptions for your podcasting needs.

Through our powerful transcription tool, all you need to do is upload the audio/video file of your podcast and let us take care of the rest.

We aim to help make your podcast as great as it possibly can be.

To get to that next level, you need to be boosting your SEO–that’s how transcriptions for your podcast can change your podcast forever.