Focus on Listening FAQs

Is my data safe?

Yes, all our employees work under full confidentiality and have signed a non-disclosure agreement. All data traffic is protected by the highest level of SSL encryption.

Why are there different prices?

Prices are different depending on the amount of time you need to use the service. If you only need to use the app for one class, you can test out using the free version of our app which includes 15 min of free transcription. If you need more than that, then have a look at our subscription models right here.

Is it guaranteed that I will get better grades?

No, we merely state that there will be a higher chance of students  getting better grades. We say this because our app will give you more time to be active during classes, increasing your chances of learning. This will especially help in cases with graded participation.

But our app will also help you for exam preparations, as you will have transcriptions of everything that was said in classes.

Having said all this, it is still up to you to study in order to get better grades.

What kind of students could benefit from the Focus on Listening app?

The Focus on Listening app is useful for students in elementary level, high school as well as university level.

Should I ask my teacher before I start recording a class?

Yes, we always recommend asking your teacher before you start recording.

Does the Focus on Listening app work on iPhone or Android?

At the moment, it only works on Android. But we are working on the iOS version! Download the app via Google Play if you have an Android phone.

How do I edit my transcriptions?

Once your recording has been transcribed, you can click on the text to add or edit any word or sentences you wish.

How do I delete a recording?

When looking at the Recordings tab, you simply swipe to the left on the recording and select the “Delete” button.