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As a Focus on Listening user, you get access to our transcription tool and our community. Start focusing on your productivity and get help from others who are facing the same challenges as you. We believe that everyone can benefit from transcribing audio to text – whether you are a podcaster, journalist, student or similar.

1. Upload your recording

Start by uploading your audio via our transcription service. You can register right here.

In a matter of minutes the recording will be transcribed into text via our automated voice recognition service.


2. Edit the transcription the way you want

Edit and adjust the transcription the way you want to, using our simple and friendly text editor.

3. Export your transcription

Export your transcriptions in an easy way into whatever format you would like (Text, SRT, VTT and many more.)

In case you want to know in more detail how Focus on Listening works, then go ahead and read this guide.

You can also watch this video explaining how Focus on Listening works.


What our users say

“Converting my podcast’s into text is so much easier now with Focus on Listening.”


“With the help from the Focus on Listening team we are now ranking in top five for some of our focus keywords. This results in more organic listeners for our podcast.”


“Not only can I now make my podcast-transcripts 100% accurate, I am also getting valuable feedback from the Focus on Listening team on how to optimize our website for search engines.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What is transcription?

Transcription is the act of converting audio to text. This can either be done manually or automatically.

Our audio transcription service convert audio to text automatically.

Why convert podcasts to texts?

Because of SEOaccessibility and ease of reference.

A transcribed text from your podcast audio can help search engines like Google and Bing better access your content.

Is it a free text to speech service?

You can use our service for free for 15 minutes.

After that you will have to pay a small amount per minute.

You can see our prices here.

What can I do to improve accuracy?

In most situations our speech to text software transcribes your audio with 95%+ accuracy. 

However, do always try to minimize any background noise as well as music when possible.

You can read all our frequently asked questions here.


Please just contact us if you have any questions.

You can contact us either by email or via phone.

📱| Phone: +45 5380 6943.

📧| Email: contact@focusonlistening.com

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