How students can utilize transcription services

There are many ways that technology makes our lives easier every single day. For example, we no longer have to endure weeks of dangerous high seas travel between London and New York. We can simply hop on a plane, and make the trip in less than a single day.

Technology is the result of the effort of innovators to solve problems. Because of technology, students around the world can now study, and learn in a much more simple and streamlined manner.

By utilizing transcription services, students can cut down on a lot of the stress that makes studying so hard. Those late night cram sessions can be reduced, and the student can rest much easier and get far superior results because of it. Transcription services take information, and make it far more readily available to the end user.

That is a huge advantage for students who are trying to make the most out of each lecture, and study session.

Let’s take a moment to break down exactly how transcription, and transcription apps can actually help students in and outside of the classroom.

– The Benefits of Transcription Apps for Students.

Taking notes is common practice in the classroom, and for good reason. During long lectures, it is nearly impossible to remember every topic of importance that the professor will cover with perfect detail. Taking notes is a great, and time honored way to effectively document what was discussed within the lecture for easy reference later on.

Some individuals will choose to take their notes digitally, on their laptops or tablets. Some will choose the old fashioned way and choose to document important pieces of information by hand in a notebook. While both methods are perfectly fine, they both come with more than two glaring drawbacks.

Class participation, divided attention, and physical strain.

– Class participation.

Many classes have graded participation. This means that students who are more engaged in the class will receive certain grade incentives. That can become increasingly difficult when the student becomes too focused on taking notes and jotting down information. In this case, students who are not able to take notes and engage in class discussion simultaneously tend to fall behind in the graded participation scores.

By using a transcription app, students can simply record their classes, and devote their attention to class engagement. Engaged students are far more likely to enjoy their classes, absorb more information, and receive higher marks on their class graded participation.

– Divided attention.

While taking notes during class, or a lecture, it can often be  exceptionally difficult to maintain full concentration on any one task.

Being able to focus on the professor, the discussion being had, and taking notes at the same time can often lead to lack of performance in one or more of these areas. Often you may find yourself comprehending less of the lecture itself, or you may find that your notes are messy and severely lacking in content. Utilizing a transcription app during class or lectures is a great way to keep attention focused on one place, while getting the benefits of both.

– Physical strain.

I know, I know, this may sound silly, but bear with me. Excessive typing, or writing by hand, can cause a lot of strain on not only your eyes but your hand and wrist as well. Have you ever found your hands aching after prolonged stints of typing, or writing by hand? Have you ever found your head hurting by focusing on the screen, or pages of a notebook for too long?

These are symptoms of physical strain that can occur during long lectures that require extensive note taking. Transcription services remedy this issue as well.

While these concerns may seem trivial on the surface, they can indeed become long standing issues throughout the course of a semester, or education as a whole.

In addition, they have a tendency to build up and become worse over time. Because of this, more students than ever are utilizing transcription apps to make their note taking process far less strenuous.

– How Students Can Make Use of Transcription Apps.

Transcription apps are incredibly intuitive for anyone with a smartphone or smart device.

If you have ever made use of the ‘talk-to-text’ feature on your device, you already have a basic understanding of how transcription apps work. The general concept is that the app itself will record spoken word, and translate that audio into an easy to read and reference text format. Of course, one might say that simply using the ‘talk-to-text’ feature on their phone or tablet can accomplish this task without the use of a transcription service app. In this case, that assumption is false.

There are many features, and methods of use that put dedicated transcription service apps above and beyond simple voice recognition software. Let’s take a moment to break down what transcription apps can do, and how they can be applied to the daily life of a student.

– Faster reference.

When comparing transcription apps to traditional note taking, there are more advantages than meets the eye.

While we already went over the most glaring advantages, there is also the advantage of reference speed. Obviously, the very nature of notes are for them to be referenced later on during your study periods. This means that you will have to try and remember where topics and ideas are located throughout the notes, in order to reference them.

What’s more, you will also have to try and remember the exact wording used by the professor during the lecture or class in order to make proper use of your notes.

This can all become quite messy if it’s not done properly. Having a fully transcribed text document of the lecture allows for you to continually reference it throughout your studying process. You don’t have to rely on the accuracy of your own summary.

– Value outside of the classroom.

We have spent a lot of time discussing how easy transcription apps can make documenting and transcribing lectures, but it’s important to note the out-of classroom advantages as well.

Transcription apps can provide value to any academic situation. Whether you are trying to log group meetings, academic interviews, or even your own personal or thesis/dissertation notes. A transcription app will allow you to efficiently document everything that is being said, as well as differentiate between multiple speakers in the case of group projects or interviews.

If there is ever a situation throughout your studies where you may need to remember, and reference what was discussed later on, a transcription app has the perfect real-world application for it.

– Reduce opportunities for misunderstandings.

Its strikingly easy to misunderstand context, or statements throughout academia.

During long lectures, peer meetings, interviews, and the like it is exceptionally important that no misunderstandings occur in order to maintain the integrity of the information. If a misunderstanding is made during a lecture, for example, it can easily translate to lack of understanding of the source material or failure to meet course requirements.

By having lectures, and other academic endeavors transcribed exactly as they were spoken originally you can easily eliminate the possibility for misunderstanding. You can simply reference and examine the surrounding context of information, and assess exactly what information is important. This means that you never have to rely on your own understanding and memory of what was said, you can accurately understand, reference, and recall what was said on-the-fly.

– Final thoughts.

Of course, students have been  taking notes in much the same way for centuries. It is no secret that a good old fashioned and efficient note taking process is reliable and time honored throughout academia. However, that does not mean that the process cannot be improved upon.

Transcription apps have a nearly endless amount of potential application throughout the academic process. Because of this, students absolutely should be taking advantage of transcription services and apps in their studies on the daily.

To summarize, transcription apps can help focus your attention within the classroom on the lecture at hand; they can help you to absorb and retain information more accurately; they can help you document and reference study materials quickly and without error; they can save you time and a whole lot of effort which is valuable in the life of any student.

If you find that throughout your studies, you are simply not making the best use of your limited time; consider a transcription app. It can, and does change the way that people study for the better.

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