How Focus on Listening works

In the following section we explaian in detail how the Focus on Listening web app works.

In case you do not want to read everything, please just maneuver to the step that you might be unsure about.

What is Focus on Listening?

Focus on Listening is a web app you can use for converting sound recordings to text. This is also called the act of transcribing.

Focus on Listening transcribes mechanically, meaning we have trained an algorithm to automatically transform sound to text based on previous data.

Currently, our web app works in seven languages meaning that you can convert sound recordings in any of these languages into text.

More languages will be added soon.

Signing up

If you go to our signup page, you can easily sign up and start using our service. You do this by adding your email, choosing a password, adding your name, and by then clicking on the register button.

A confirmation email will then be sent to your inbox, which looks like the below.

You simply have to confirm your email address by clicking the link which will then take you to the Login page.


You log in by typing in your email and password followed by clicking the Login button.

Uploading your first recording

When you login the first time you will see an empty interface as on the screenshot below.

You will have 15 minutes of free transcription minutes to test out our service.

You test it by clicking the green Upload button in the upper right corner as seen below (on mobile-view you find the upload button by clicking the burger).

You then click the language that your sound recording is in.

You then pick your sound recording by clicking on the “Choose a file” button.

Once you have done so, you just have to wait a couple of minutes for your recording to be transcribed.

You can see that your recording is being transcribed as it will be indicated that the recording is “In progress”.

For a 1 hour recording it can take up to 25 minutes to transcribe it. So please be patient 🙂

The below video explains in detail how to upload your first recording:

Editing your transcription

Once your recording has been transcribed the fun begins!

You can now edit the text just the way you want to.

You do that by using our editor, which works like any other text editor.

Once you are done with your editing, please remember to click anywhere outside the text editing area. This way everything you have been editing will be saved.

Deleting and sharing your recording

You can easily delete ao share a recording by clicking on vertical dots in the upper right corner.

Remember if you choose to delete a recording it will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

Upgrading to a paid plan

Choose one of our pay plans if you want to use our service for more than 15 minutes.

You can either pay in advance via our prepay service or choose one of our subscription options.

Once you have chosen the amount of hours you simply click the “Use Prepay” button which will take you to the checkout.
In the checkout you put in your card details and click the “Confirm Payment” button. We use Stripe as the payment provider and the highest level of SSL encryption protects all data traffic.

Monthly subscription

If you see yourself using our service on a monthly basis, a monthly subscription might be the best option for you.

We currently have a Premium and a Diamond package.

The Premium package provides you with six hours of transcription every month and the Diamond provides you with 10 hours. 

You can either choose to pay on a monthly basis or on an annual basis.

You switch between the prices by simply clicking on either “Monthly” or “Annual” in the top.

If you choose the Annual package you save 20%.

If none of these packages fits your specific needs, then please just write to us. 

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