Converting mp3 to text

Whether you have a recording of notes, or an interview that was taped; you are going to likely want to convert an mp3 file into text.

The benefits for this are limitless, and can open the doors to a whole host of unique use cases.

But, how do you do it?

How to convert mp3 into text

At Focus on Listening we make the process of mp3 to text conversion simple and easy.

All you need to do is upload your mp3 file into our transcription service.

This allows our systems to extract the speech from the file and compile it into a text file.

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The process is quick, easy, and affordable.

Here’s how it works:



Upload the File The first step is always to upload the mp3 file into our Focus on Listening system. This can be done online via the web application on desktop or mobile phone. Once you upload the audio file, you will only have to wait a little while to receive the converted text file.


Review & Edit

Once you receive the text file you will have the chance to review and edit it to ensure that it is 100% accurate.

Sometimes with poor quality audio or difficult speech patterns, the transcription can come out with some errors.

These are easily fixable via the text editor, and you can always reach out to our team for help when needed.


Export & Save

Once you are happy with the transcription, all you have to do is export it and save it to your device.

At Focus on Listening you can save your text file in a number of popular formats such as:

  • .docx
  • .vtt
  • .txt
  • .json
  • .srt
  • EBU-STL.

It really is that simple!

Converting mp3 to text is a pretty easy process with modern day technology.

You no longer need to sit down and manually type out every single word in an audio file yourself.

You can simply seek out the help of a professional transcription service and have it done in a blink.

At Focus on Listening we give you the first 15 minutes of an mp3 transcription to text for free.

So, try it out and see how easy the process is for yourself.

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