Why and how to use the Focus on Listening speech to text transcription app in the classroom

In the following, we will go through why it may be advantageous for most students to use the Focus on Listening real-time transcription app and how to best use the app in a classroom.

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And if you’re unsure about how to use the app itself, read this detailed guide here.

Why use the Focus on Listening transcription app for the lessons

With an app for transcription such as Focus on Listening, students can focus on listening for hours rather than having to stress about getting all the important information down on paper.

Thus, students will avoid losing track when interruptions or discussions occur during lectures, as the app will capture all of it. Instead, you will be free to actively participate in debates as well as have more time to ask into any subject or misunderstanding which could otherwise have caused frustration at a later point in time.

Klaasselokale hvor alle de studerende sidder og er opmærksomme på hvad læreren siger

Another key argument is that exam preparation will become much easier if you already have everything that has ever been said during class ready and available to you in the app, both in audio and text form. You will also be able to attach PowerPoint presentations directly in the app. All the necessary information from the lessons will be gathered in just one single place.

How to best use the Focus on Listening app in the classroom

When transcribing speech into text in a classroom, there are a number of things to be aware of that we will look into here.

Inform the teacher that you wish to record and transcribe the lecture

It is always good practice to inform the teacher that you intend to record and transcribe the lecture. This way, you won’t risk ending up in a strange or peculiar situation during the lecture when the teacher suddenly discovers that you are recording his every word during the lecture.

Student asking the teacher if it is ok that he records the lecture

Sit closest to the person who talks the most

You have to make sure that the sound quality is top notch, which is why the phone must be strategically placed. This means that you want to avoid capturing any background noise but at the same time make sure to catch what everyone says during the recording. For the most part, it is the teacher who speaks the most during a lecture, so you should try to sit as close to the front as possible in the classroom.

Student sitting in the front in the classroom

Place the phone in the best possible way

Always try to place your phone on your desk so that the microphone is aimed at the speaker.

If your smartphone has a cover, it might be helpful to remove it during the recording period in order not to interfere with the microphone in the device.

Minimize background noise

As background noise in a classroom can lower the transcription quality, it is best to minimize it when possible. If there is music or other disturbances in the classroom, you should therefore turn it off so as not to risk that any important speech or information gets lost.

Student closing the window

Turn off ringtone and other audio generating features

It is best to mute all the apps on your phone so your phone won’t disturb class with sudden sounds during a lecture. Don’t switch to flight mode, as the Focus on Listening transcription app needs to access the internet connection to translate speech into text real-time.

Turn off auto lock

You must turn off the auto-lock of your phone so your screen does not suddenly turn off during a lecture. This can easily be done from inside the Focus on Listening app in the following way:


Remember to choose the correct transcription language

Always remember to choose the correct language spoken in the class for the transcription. If you are in a class conducted in English, make sure to choose “English” as the transcription language. If your lecture is in for instance Danish, then choose “Danish”.

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