Most Popular Ivy League University on Social Media

Written 15th of July 2021 by Rasmus Soerensen.

Which Ivy League university is the most popular on social media? 

Focus on Listening has done the research to find out.

The research looked at five different social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube).

Some of the universities also has a Snapchat account, but the amount of followers are not publicly known.

All data collected can be found in this public Google sheet.

Main findings ↓
About the research
Main findings ↓

Main findings

The main findings are:

  • When looking at the amount of followers per enrolled student, Harvard University comes in on top with 532 followers per enrolled student.
  • In absolute numbers Harvard University has more than 12M followers on social media. This is more than all of the other seven Ivy League universities followers combined.
  • Yale University has the second most followers with its 3M social media followers.
  • University of Pennsylvania has 40 followers per enrolled student, which is the least among the eight universities.
  • The most popular channel among all the universities combined is Facebook. Combined, the eight universities has more than 9M followers on Facebook.
  • LinkedIn is the channel with the second most followers with more than 3M followers combined.

Information about the research

  • All data was collected on the 13th of July 2021.
  • All social media data was collected from the official social media channels created by the universities themselves. Please note that the numbers change slightly day by day.
  • On YouTube, the exact number of subscribers is not made public. Thus, we have rounded up the numbers to their nearest thousands.
  • The original data can be seen and downloaded right here.
  • Many of the universities have Snapchat accounts, but the amount of followers are not publicly know.
  • Yale University has a Soundcloud and a Weibo account as well. We have chosen not to include these in the research.
  • Both University of Pennsylvania and Yale University has a Flickr account. We have also chosen not to include these in the research.
Rasmus Sørensen

Research done and text written by Rasmus Soerensen.

Rasmus is the Co-founder and CEO of Focus on Listening. He studied at Copenhagen Business School in Copenhagen, at London Metropolitan University in London as well as at Curtin University in Perth.