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Psychologists work with the deepest and most intimate areas of the mind. That is why handling the small tasks in a more simplified and organized manner can be a ‘life-saver’.


Why Psychologists Should Use A Transcription Service.

Being a psychologist requires a lot of time and dedication to the work and science behind the craft.

It takes thousands of hours of dedication from a scientific point of view, as well as a deeply emotional and philosophical point of view.

It’s far more than just ‘studying human behavior’.

In this way, you might be wondering why a psychologist could ever need a transcription service.

Well, there are more than a few reasons.


Conduct Research.

Many psychologists will devote their entire careers to the study of the human emotional and brain functions.

Whether you are a psychologist or neuropsychologist, you are going to have times when research and study must be done.

Transcription services help make that research easier and more efficient.

Transcription services allow the researching psychologist to collect and harvest data from interviews, personal notes, team sessions, etc,.

This will give the psychologist time to focus on the task at hand while conducting research, rather than taking notes throughout.

The process of gathering data becomes faster when the sessions can be recorded, and the audio transcribed later into easy to read text files.


Personal Sessions.

Part of being a psychologist is interacting with individuals who need help correcting or evaluating harmful behaviors or patterns.

This can be through drug addiction counseling, family counseling, psychotherapy, etc,. These sessions are intense, and require the entire focus of the evaluating psychologist.

Being able to focus your attention on the individual patients is crucial for getting the best results.

By putting down the notebook, and allowing the session to be recorded, psychologists can connect with their clients in a much deeper way.

This allows for clients to feel more open and trusting of the psychologist, and to feel more at ease altogether. In turn, transcribing the sessions is a breeze, and provides a great frame of reference later on.


Organized Notes.

As a psychologist, a massive part of the job is going to be taking notes.

There will be notes from research studies, personal client sessions, personal notes behind-the-scenes, etc,.

These notes are important for keeping all of your thoughts and ideas in one singular place for each project and patient.

However, taking notes during research sessions and patient sessions can be a pain. It divides focus, and slows down the overall flow of the work. Not to mention, keeping all of your notes in one place, organized and streamlined, can be a task in and of itself.

Transcription services make note taking simpler, and allow you to file away and organize your notes for quick reference later on.

How it works



Start by uploading your audio recording via our backend.

In a matter of minutes the recording will be transcribed into text via our automated voice recognition service.



Edit and adjust the transcription the way you want to, using our simple and friendly text editor.



Export your transcriptions in an easy way into whatever format you would like (Text, SRT, VTT and many more.)


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