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Transcription services can make many of life’s interactions simpler for those with severe or complete hearing loss.

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Why a deaf person should use a transcription service

Those who are deaf or hard of hearing are no strangers to the daily challenges that a world seemingly built around auditory response can bring.

It can feel daunting to process day-by-day tasks in some cases when your sense of hearing is not adequate.

And it is only exacerbated by the fact that sign language is not as prevalent as it could be.

This is why technology has been a godsend for many deaf or hard of hearing individuals in today’s modern age; most notably, talk-to-text transcription services.

Sometimes lip-reading isn’t enough – especially, if someone is speaking too fast or with a heavy accent. In such cases, it would be almost impossible to understand what others are saying if you cannot hear them and they don’t know sign language.

Transcription services can help improve daily situations such as these for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.


Real-time transcription

Many mobile transcription services offer advanced AI-driven real-time transcriptions that can operate as a sort of ‘real-life subtitles’ for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

The modern advancements in talk-to-text technology have made these services as close as 99% accurate in their transcriptions.

This means that those who struggle with hearing loss, or have no hearing at all, can better identify what is being said in conversations with more accuracy in real-time.


Improve comprehension in meetings

Without a sign language interpreter, it can be a nightmare for deaf or hard of hearing individuals to understand what is going on in a classroom or at work meetings.

Especially if the speaker is too far away for lip-reading.

Transcription services can be a lifesaver in such moments.

They can record and transcribe the meeting or lecture and produce a simple-to-read text file that can be used for later reference.

It’s a win-win.


Consume digital media easier

While most streaming services offer very professional quality closed captions on their shows and movies, not all digital media has this perk.

For example, most live streamers and e-sports entertainers do not have professional closed captioning on their streams.

This can be a bummer for those who are hard of hearing but love to watch live streams often.

Transcription services can make understanding and consuming these types of media far easier and more accessible to those deaf or hard of hearing.

Besides, they can provide fun transcriptions to go back on and read later if you wish.

How it works



Start by uploading your audio recording via our backend.

In a matter of minutes the recording will be transcribed into text via our automated voice recognition service.



Edit and adjust the transcription the way you want to, using our simple and friendly text editor.



Export your transcriptions in an easy way into whatever format you would like (Text, SRT, VTT and many more.)


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heard of hearing people have used our service.
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