YouTube transcription tool

YouTubers of all types and ages take advantage of transcription services each and every day.

They can help throughout the entire creative process from writing and taking notes to boosting viewer engagement.


Why YouTubers should use a transcription tool

YouTubers make a living off of their videos being watched and spread as widely as possible.

This draws in ad revenue, sponsorships, and income when their videos are of the highest quality and generate engagement.

From a marketing standpoint, YouTubers should be using whatever service is available to them to help generate viewer engagement.

That is why transcription services are a must-have for all YouTubers who are trying to take their growth and revenue seriously.

YouTube is a haven for all different types of content creators. From internet chefs to vloggers and educators: Everyone has a platform on YouTube.

Because of this, the possibilities are endless when it comes to how to best optimize your videos for your viewers – but some things do remain constant.

Here are a few ways that a YouTube transcription tool will help boost viewer engagement, and take your content to the next level.



Firstly, you might wish to optimize your website for search engines (SEO).

A transcribed text from your podcast audio could help search engines like Google and Bing to better access your content.

If you only have your podcast in an audio format on your website, search engines will not be able to understand what your content is about.

By using a podcast transcription software you will start ranking on relevant keywords and thereby getting more traffic and listeners to your podcasts which might result in an uplift in your revenue.



Secondly, there are many individuals who may be interested in the content or opinions that your podcast offers, but for whatever reason, are unable to hear the audio.

They could, for instance, be deaf or have another hearing disability.

Having a readable and accessible transcription of the podcast content will allow podcasters to reach such individuals rather easily.


Ease of reference

Another reason for using a podcast transcription service is the ease of reference and access to previously spoken information.

Many podcasts use continuing formats and topics over the course of several episodes.

Because of this, hosts may want to have a quick method to reference topics discussed earlier in order to keep continuity and ensure that they do not cover topics already discussed.

It’s also great to reference things and arguments previously mentioned.

Searching through entire audio or video files can be tedious, whereas searching through a text document is far more efficient.

This means that podcasters can log their discussions and episodes in a much more ‘search-friendly’ way.

How it works



Start by uploading your audio recording via our backend.

In a matter of minutes the recording will be transcribed into text via our automated voice recognition service.



Edit and adjust the transcription the way you want to, using our simple and friendly text editor.



Export your transcriptions in an easy way into whatever format you would like (Text, SRT, VTT and many more.)


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